Born: 1996-The Future

Archie O'Brien

Born: 1996-The Future

Archie O'Brien is a recent graduate in product design and creator of the Underwater Jetpack. The idea was formed when a lust for flight and love of free diving could not be satisfied by current products on the market.

Knowing little about propulsion, hydrodynamics or 3D printing, O'Brien had a lot to learn, and still does, applying what Zen Buddhism calls, Shoshin. The Underwater Jetpack, from idea to 1st prototype was completed in 8 months, where it was designed secretly, in fear of the project being stopped after threats from the university as it went against standard regulations.

O'Brien, along with a growing team of people is developing the Jetpack to take to market before the launch of other exciting products to bring you unforgettable experiences.

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